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Karwan e Falah serves humanity by reaching out to the remote parts of Pakistan and furnish their basic needs. Beginning with individuals, take on families and then culminate with the whole communities. Rather than being restrictive, adopt a broad based approach by addressing the basic problems being faced by a person not so privileged and marginalized. Our services are packaged to offer free primary medical care, social service to the destitute, non refundable micro financing for self sustainability, support of educational endeavours at the school and individual levels and provision of food and clothing to the hungry and needy by establishing clothing banks and food points. After sufficient maturity, secondary needs may also be addressed.  We shall rush to victims of natural calamities and human disasters with adequate relief aid. 

Our working strategy shall be focused to maximize our operational effort/ assets and reduce the logistic tail. Perform rather than project and show case activities. Supervised and managed by an elected executive body from the members, Karwan e Falah (KeF) will work through volunteers and friends. Active support of individuals, civil society organizations, NGOs and donor agencies shall be sought for generation of funds. Sufficient publicity will be undertaken to attract the philanthropists.   KeF will maintain and operate a transparent and institutionalized financial management system. Modern technology and techniques shall be built into our systems to optimize efficiency. KeF will always work beyond the shackles of gender, caste, creed and religion. Deliberate effort shall be made to keep away from controversies and altercations.