In Dec 2011, some like minded friends, residents of Defence Housing Authority Islamabad, undertook to serve humanity by reaching out to the marginalized segments of society. A group met in Iqbal Masjid and decided a line of action. The initiative soon took practical shape and first medical camp was held in village Bodial Adyala Road on 25 Dec 2011. In Mar 2012 we were registerd as a Trust with Sub Registrar Islamabad.

Our Vision

Serve humanity, by reaching out to the remote parts of Pakistan, and furnish their basic needs. Beginning with individuals, take on families and then culminate with the whole communities. Rather than being restrictive, adopt a broad based approach by addressing the basic problems being faced by a person not so privileged and/or marginalized.

Our Objectives

1. Provide free primary medical care and medicines to the marginalized/unprivileged segment of society by reaching out to them.
2. Facilitate medical treatment of the poor in tertiary hospitals.
3. Provide social service and sustenance support to the senior citizens, widows and disabled person.
4. Establish and rehabilitate the destitute through non refundable micro financing in fields of their choosing and aptitude.
5. Help and facilitate deserving students and educational institutions in their genuine efforts.

6. Provide emergency relief and support to the needy in calamites and disasters.
7. Provide food and clothing to the poor and needy by establishing clothing banks and food points.
8. Create awareness by imparting rudimentary religious knowledge of basic tenets/practices of Islam, health and hygiene and mundane legal affairs.
9. Address discrimination in all its forms and work beyond gender, caste, creed and religion.
What we do
a) Operate Karwan e Falah Welfare Centre in Kotha Kalan, a custom made Centre providing medical and other facilities.
b) Run a free Dispensary in Business Bay, Sec F, Phase 1, DHA Islamabad.
c) Twice a month visit a village around Rawalpindi / Islamabad with a team of doctors and provide on spot treatment with free medicines including reading glasses. Besides also take care of individual needs like rations, sewing machine, micro finance etc.
d) Arrange artificial limbs to handicapped persons through Artificial Limb Centre, Fauji Foundation Hospital Rawalpindi.
e) Once a month provide a ration pack containing daily use food items sufficient for 4-5 family members to widows / deserving individuals. Number of recipients varies every month.
f) During Covid 19 environments “Operation Man o Salwa” was launched to provide rations to daily wagers. In three months 1180 packs were distributed at a cost of Rs 8 mil.
g) Provide stores to start a small business to capable persons.
h) Provide scholarships to deserving students and food supplements like honey, energy drink etc to undernourished children.
i) Operate a clothing bank and distribute clothing (old and new) to deserving persons.
j) During Ramzan we provide free iftar cum dinner to about 600 persons every day.
k) Distribute small booklets on tenets of Islam and other subjects.

Note: Due to COVID 19, currently medical camps to villages are held in abeyance